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Judith M. Ackerman

The Fishermen And The Mermaids

The Fisherman And The


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Discover the treasure held within the rusty tin box and the magical story it revealed. Grandmother's Tin Box is a book you will cherish! Beautifully illustrated! It reveals the real treasure of a loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

Grandmother's Tin Box

ISBN: 978-0-9980-439-2-0

Awarded 5 Star Review!
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    There was an old woman all dressed in black, she had a mole on her nose and a hump on her back. "Do you think she's a witch? Could it possibly be true? She looks just like on, or did she fool you?"

Do You Think She's A Witch?

ISBN: 978-099804-394-4

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    Do you believe in mermaids? The fishermen certainly do. They hear them gently calling in the middle of the night and watch them frolic with the dolphin during the day. But, it isn’t until a horrible storm arises that threatens their lives when they experience the magical reality of their existence. Yet, no one else believes they exist, causing the fishermen to wonder, “Do mermaids only appear to the fishermen of the sea?”




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